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Chiropractic & TENS Units Can Really Save Lives!

Forty-six American deaths yesterday were secondary to the use of pain medication.  There will be a predicted forty-six more today, and tomorrow and every day this year, totalling nearly 17,000 prescription pill/pain medication deaths by year’s end. 

I find these numbers to be unconscionable ….. and I’d bet you do, too.   Especially under these circumstances, Chiropractic and the TENS unit are under-utilized.

Every visit to a Chiropractor, and a TENS unit for those in chronic pain, has the potential to save a life that might be snuffed out or otherwise destroyed by the overuse or abuse of pain medications.

Let those who suffer chronically and “treat” with pain meds know that there may be other answers to relieve their pain, and possibly even restore their health to the way it was before. Call Dr. Bob today at (215) 677-2225 for a complimentary consultation, and to see if your insurance will pay for a TENS unit for you.

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