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Case Study: Knee Pain Restricts Tennis Player from his Passion

On November 4, a patient began in my office suffering from severe lateral right knee pain. His knee hurt and his lower leg constantly felt tight. He is an avid tennis player and found, to his heartbreak, that he just couldn’t play. Further, he guarded as he descended stairs.

Because we were friend previous to his becoming a patient (but a friend with no knowledge or understanding of chiropractic), when he saw me weekly or so, he would show me where he was hurting and ask what could be done. I invited him to come to my office and offered to take a look. After several weeks, he called to make an appointment, and I got to see him on a professional level.

Finding the Problem

I tested for many causes, and arrived at the facts that:

  1. His right hip (sacroiliac joint) was fixated, and painful to the touch.
  2. His knee pain didn’t seem to indicate a tear, a meniscus or anything dangerous, so I proceeded.
  3. I found that his right, distal tibial condyle (the large leg bone, and in this case, it was wear it connects to the knee joint) was slightly subluxated (twisted) medially.

Treating the Problems

As care, I adjusted his right hip until it calmed down and functioned better. I applied myotherapy to the lateral portion of his knee, especially his distal Iliotibial band and other are muscles, then I gently and directly adjusted the tibial cordial. Minutes later he reported some relief. I have worked on him for a total of six visits, each one showing marked improvement, and I am happy to report that today, November 18 (two weeks to the day later), he played a successful game of tennis with no pain. I will be post-checking him tomorrow.

Have a problem you think can’t be solved, let alone re-solved? Let’s see ……

Warm Regards,
Dr. Bob
(215) 677-2225

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