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Stop Predicting the Weather With Aching Joints!


I’m gonna guess that you, or someone you know, is getting pretty sick and tired of being able to forecast the weather because of joints and muscles that begin to ache so badly the day before it rains.  I call that the “Accu-Neck (Accu-Shoulder, Accu-Back, Accu-Whatever) Weather Forecast” Syndrome. It can cause headaches and migraines, make your sciatica flare up, stiffen up your neck, back, knees, ankles, wrists, midle of your back and other body areas, making it hard to function, let enough get a good night’s sleep.

It’s not a myth that a change in the barometer affects our bodies.  After all, we’re made up of about 75% water, so when the pressure changes in the Atmosphere, it also changes inside of you!  And, if you have injured joints, the increased pressure on them makes those joints ache and throb!

Chiropractic and Modalities

Chiropractic can help by gently adjusting those joints, and reducing the inflammation and pressure on the joint capsules, ligaments and nerves.  This helps them heal! Dr. Rush also offers deep muscle work, physiotherapy modalities such as Low-Volt Electric Stim, Ultra Sound and therapeutic stretching to get your body back to health and almost as good as new! (Maybe even better!)

Another terrific idea to add to your pain care is a TENS (portable electric stim) unit. It’s extremely helpful for easing painful areas, and you can use it as often as you like. Many insurances cover 100% of the cost of a TENS unit ordered by a doctor, so when you come in for your next appointment, we’ll see what can be done for you!  And, if you already have one, you may still be eligible for a brand new, Up-Graded, easy-to-use Digital TENS.

Call Dr. Rush today at (215) 677-2225 for a FREE Consultation, History and thorough Examination to see what we can do for you (and if you’d like, we’ll look into that TENS for you – you may be able to take it home that day!)

WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO HURT ANYMORE IF YOU DON’T HAVE TO??!! Put the weather-predicting back in the hands of the Meteorologists, and put your pain relief in the hands of  Dr. Bob!

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